Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Ewha Womans University 



Main Projects

Example gestures created by end-users
A link to the paper on the gesture sonification

Gesture Customization


End-user touchscreen gesture customization


Gesture Sonitification 


Touchscreen gesture sonification for people with visual impairments

About Me

I am an assistant professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Ewha Womans University. I was a postdoctral research fellow for Cognitive Assistance Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University, worked with Prof. Kris Kitani and Prof. Chieko Asakawa. Before then, I studied at University of Maryland, College Park as a member of Human Compter Interaction Lab, advised by Prof. Leah Findlater, where I received my PhD in Computer Science.


My research goal in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is to enrich user experience with novel interaction technologies with minimum physical and cognitive loads. I am particularly interested in improving information access by redesigning state-of-art technologies (e.g., wearables, augmented reality) for individuals with various needs, especially for people with visual impairments. 

A link to NavCog project
A link to On-Body Interaction Project

Nonvisual On-body Interaction

Interactions performed on users' own body for people with visual impairments

Navigation Assistance 

Smartphone-based indoor navigation guidance for people with visual impairments